From passing off, trademarks infringements and copyrights infringements to derivative actions and corporate litigation and from corporate litigation to employment disputes, matrimonial litigation and criminal litigation, we proudly support the Corporate and Intellectual property needs of our clients by establishing some landmark cases. Our firm has managed with an Anton Pillar order to obtain from a Cypriot Bank the details of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of a group of Companies involved into a fraud. We have also be the first firm handling successfully an application for an adoption through a surrogate mother before the district court of Limassol , least but not last we have issued several interim orders regarding trademarks infringements and issue several court orders for the same.

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Derivative Action

An action on behalf of a Company

Business Law Series

Passing Off &Trademarks Infringement Actions

Intellectual Property Law Series

Actions for the Infringement of Artistic Works

Intellectual Prperty Law series

Filling for Divorce

What you should know

Family Law Series

Grounds for Divorce

Family Law Series

Irretrievable Damage of The Marriage

This article explains one of the legal grounds for divorce namely Irretrievable damage of marriage

Family Law Series

Paternity Leave

Just 15 days but is something

Family Law Series & Business Law Series

Obligation of Parents for Child Support after adulthood

Family Law series

 Amendment of Child Support Order

Family Law Series

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